Why BPK?

All-in-One Integrated Database

Our all-in-one integrated database system, Javelin, gives you 24/7 updates on your inventory movement sent through instant email or message notifications on your mobile or other Internet enabled device. On top of that, you can register as many team members as you want to the system to help you monitor the process.

Extensive & Experienced Transport Units

Our transport units range from as large as Colt Diesel Engkel trucks to Gran Max delivery vans. All of which are operated by our most competent and SIO-certified drivers.

Competitive Pricing

We guarantee you the best prices to offer for every services you choose.

More About Us

Our Values

Reliable Services
Punctual & Secure
Comfortable & Safe

Reliable Services

To provide logistics management services that are both reliable and systematically integrated.

BPK vs Competitor

The Entire Logistics Process is Integrated with both Distribution & Warehouse Systems

We use an integrated database system called Javelin, which gives you total and exclusive control over activity reports, product tracing, warehouse monitoring, and many more.

Very Emphasize Safety

We always ensure that safety standards across all our operations are met and upheld.

Speed & Accuracy

Our drivers and warehouse staff have over 15 years of experience in the industry, which ensures that products are being distributed punctually and are organized accordingly.

Our Clients