Our Story

Before the establishment of Bangun Putra Karawang, PT. Blue Pacific Logistics Group, also known as BPL Group, has been the pioneer of our ventures in logistics management as a customs clearance, transporter, and freight forwarding company since 1986.

Blue Pacific Logistics Group’s previous experiences have granted the business countless numbers of distinguished, highly-acclaimed certificates and over 20 multinational companies as our most valued and trusting clients.

With the rapid growth of BPL Group’s transportation and customs clearance venture in 2003, BPL Group Leaders decided to expand the branch of our services to include distribution of goods, products, and other materials, hence the birth of Bangun Putra Karawang.

In 2022, bearing an innate passion to continuously grow and innovate, Blue Pacific Logistic Group leaders ultimately decided to expand the branch of BPL’s service further by providing a well-managed and well-secured warehousing service on top of our established distribution line. All done to further improve the quality of our services.

Meet the Leaders

Arif FadiilahChief Executive Officer
Nico RiandiChief Operating Officer
dr. Lia AnggraeniCommissioner
30+Coverage Cities