BPK warehouse is designed to accommodate storage of any large items in bulk, and can hold as many as 10,000 palette positions. It is also equipped with CCTVs on over 36 spots, water sprinklers, bird repellers, smoke detectors, jackroofs, and 9 emergency doors to ensure the safety and security of products.

Pallets Position
BRP Loading Dock
Modern Facility & Technology


BPK’s stored products can be distributed quickly and easily wherever and whenever our customers need, as BPK’s drivers are standing by at the warehouse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to any of our customers’ requests.

Kitting & Assembly Services


BPK’s other service includes the kitting of products in the warehouse, to allow rooms for more cost efficiency and easier item organization & product sortation. Which will result in quicker product distribution to outlets, using less transportation means.

Fullfilment Center

In addition to the warehouse, BPK also operates a fulfillment center to further accommodate our customers’ need for quicker distribution. Through our fulfillment center, your products can be stored and distributed simultaneously from just one single location.

Competitive Rate
Cargo Checking
GPS for All Units
Integrated System
Clean & Tidy Document System